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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Microsoft Templates

If you own the Office suite, one of the best resouces available for professional and home users is the templates they've designed over at Microsoft. Templates have been created for virtually every task you can imagine, and available for you to download and use immediately.

Professional tasks: resumes, finance, calendars, employee recruiting logs; home tasks: grocery lists, reading list, personal finance.

Basically, the people over at MS, along with others in the MS Office community, design forms, spreadsheets with functions, databases, etc., etc., etc. and save them either as templates that ask for your input or as documents where you can just replace the data. All available, all the time!

Hop over to the Microsoft Templates site and take a look around at what they have. I'm sure there's something that you can use right this very minute to be more efficient and productive!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More About Me

My interests are vast, to say the least. I earned a bachelor's degree in the Forensic Psychology thematic from the University of New Orleans. In other words, I studied Psychology, Sociology, and the Law. It was of primary importance to me that I come out of college with a well-rounded knowledge. Life, and all of its parts, fascinates me. During my undergraduate program and since I've graduated, I've studied other subjects as well - all of them wonderful. I also have knowledge and experience in English Literature and Creative Writing, Education, Pre-Med, Audio-Visual Arts, Social Work, and Spanish.

I truly believe that nothing worth having comes easy. In fact, I thrive on a challenge - such as putting myself through school. I joined the Army to that end, and fulfilled a six-year contract. I'm proud of this accomplishment, as I am of being the first person in my family (and probably the only who ever will) to earn a college degree. It definitely has not been easy, but it's been worthwhile and I can't imagine a life otherwise. I'm firmly committed to success, and I methodically and confidently plot a course to that success. Whatever the goal may be.

Hello, World!

This is the resume blog for Stacie Hebert - web designer, database administrator, and all-around Microsoft Office know-it-all, living in Louisiana.

I'm hiring myself out in a web design career, having had the most experience in managing web content. Among other things, I'm experienced in database design, graphic artistry, advanced tecnhical documentation, photography, Linux system administration, and Window network troubleshooting.

One of my favorite things about this career is helping people to learn how to use computers more efficiently - to become initimately related with their computer and learn the joys of having a computer help you to get the things done that need doing. A computer doesn't have to be a hassle, or something you fight with on a daily basis! It's a helpful tool, an appliance like any oven or washing machine. It's here for you to use.

To that end, I'm going to publish this as a newsletter, while I help myself by practicing up on my graphic design and web development software and tools. Win-win situation!